Saul Rosenthal, PhD

Boston Area Health Psychologist

Many people who overcome COVID continue to have symptoms, months after the coronavirus is cleared from their bodies. These “long haulers” might struggle with breathing issues, brain fog, fatigue, or many other life-altering problems. Join Jay Gunkelman, a world-renowned expert on understanding the brain from the record of its electrical activity — the EEG. He describes how the virus can enter the brain and play havoc. Jay can get pretty technical, but he also explains brain functioning better than just about anybody else I’ve learned from.

Guest: Jay Gunkelman

If you want to know more about neurofeedback, which is shown in clinical cases to improve long hauler cognitive symptoms, go to AAPB or ISNR. You can find Board Certified neurofeedback providers at BCIA or IQCB.

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December 22nd, 2020

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